So much more than a Tarot or regular psychic reading!

                 Everything that happens to us leaves an energy imprint,                                               which we carry with us.


                      Are you manifesting what you want in your life?

              Are there situations in your life you find confusing and seek answers to?

                    Wondering if past lives have any influence upon this one??

 A Life Reading & Energy Clearing can effectively and permanently realign negative influences in your life, affecting you on all levels: relationship, career, money, health - creating dynamic shifts and changes.

For all Life readings, I visit your personal Records within the Akashic Field where complete details of all of your lives are stored, (see AKASHIC RECORDS).

Choose from:                                                                                                                                                Life Readings- single or couple                                                                                                               Property Reading & Energy Clearing                                                                                                       Spirit Guides Reading

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 BIRTHDAY, WEDDING, ANNIVERSARY GIFTSGive loved ones or friends the unique gift of  a Life Reading – one that could positively change their life!  


 You nailed it! According to my husband of 40 years, your Soul Reading report was bang on and very accurate. Plus I learned where my insomnia comes from, and it is now slowly disappearing. Thanks for all the work you did.

Linda Matterson
Victoria, Canada


 A huge Thank You for your efforts and input towards Soul Clearing. It has indeed generated a profound long lasting transformation and most certainly isn't a mere Band Aid plaster like some energetic practices I've encountered.

Really reached the core of many issues and I am all the more wiser (plus liberated and empowered) as a result. As you had said at the outset it is a wonderful way to begin the New Year - I couldn't agree more! 

All in all you are correct, there was indeed a lot going on energetically due to past life experiences and ongoing negative influences. I'm so grateful to have booked this kind of reading because it has uncovered so many hindrances that I suspected were present and have long overstayed their welcome. Thank goodness these have been identified now and will be cleared - at last I can look forward to a year that will not feature "same old" but a genuine fresh page where I can rewrite my script according to the knowledge I now have and the choices I truly intend to make. 

There is indeed an abundance of feedback I have to share because a very high percentage resonates with my own personal discoveries and innate knowledge regarding my soul's journey to date...

A multitude of blessings,                                                                                                      JC, London, UK.