BRAIN HEALING -  CANINE ANXIETY & MEMORY LOSS



Eva was a rescue dog, with extreme anxiety. Likely left alone in crate, without exercise for many hours each day. When I got her the blanket she was on had been shredded into small pieces and teeth worn down from constant biting metal bars of crate.

 Can't leave her alone, so she spends time at doggy daycare when I work, and weekends.

 After first brain calming session with Joti, I dropped Eva off at doggy daycare. Picked her up that evening, very good report from staff.    

 _ She gave two very subdued little woofs, then settled down as harness put on. Usually jumps around, making it difficult for person getting her ready to leave.

 -When taken for a walk, Eva didn’t try to pull the group her way, just trotted along with the rest of them.

 - Eva just made a small noise when lifted out of her basket, (usually growls and resists being picked up).

  After Joti sent distant healing to Eva in the afternoon at doggy daycare.  But not as effective as when sent to her at home with me in the evening, likely too much stimulus from other dogs, etc.

Curious to see what would happen during the first distant healing session at 7:15pm. So watched  Eva. At 7:20 she rolled on her back with a sort of silly smile on her face and just lay there for half an hour.

Next day, much quieter when I picked her up from daycare, bit of barking but no jumping and squirming getting ready to leave. Funnily, around 7:20pm, she looked up toward the door then rolled over on her back, where she stayed for 40 minutes.

 Joti said that Eva was holding  a lot of fearful energy in her entire body so she did a few sessions on this before returning to brain calming. Since I got her, Eva has had about 2 bad dreams a month, getting very agitated.

An hour after a session, around 8 pm she had some really disturbing dreams –  crying in such a distraught way that I woke her up. Wondered if she was remembering things that needed to be released? But now she has no more bad dreams.

Also, when at home, Eva is constantly by my side, or on my lap. She never sits on her own. However, during first session with Joti, part way through she got up off the floor at Joti’s feet and went and sat on her own in a chair.  And when Joti sends distant healing in evenings, Eva leaves my side and automatically goes and sits on her own, looking expectantly, once healing starts her eyes get quite glazed, and she becomes very serene.

The second time Joti came to do a session, I was surprised to see Eva get up and walk to the door, when she heard Joti knock. She has never done this before.

And when I go to a nearby bank machine and leave her in the car, though she can see me, she would get very agitated and bark until I return to the car. Now she is much calmer.

I am now slowly working on leaving her on her own for short periods, and build this up, as she is showing more signs of confidence.

Very pleased with the results!

Helen J, Victoria