ENERGY HEALING - ADHD & ALZHEIMER'S 



Because Attention Deficit Disorder is now so wide-spread in our society, as many as 1 in 5 adolescents being affected, I feel it needs a separate page, and a different approach. 

Unlike other phyical problems in the body, which are often linked to past traumas, etc. I believe there is a common trigger for ADD... heavy metals, which inhibit dopamine and cause parts of the brain to shut down, or circuits to become tangled. 

This, plus a lack of essential anti-oxidants, allows the disease to take hold.

I have put together a unique, powerful programme to halt or heal ADD.   

Firstly I will draw out the toxins from the body that allowed the condition to take hold.

Then I will work on healing the affected parts of the brain.

This will happen during 6 x 40-minute distant healing sessions, (distant) once a week. (Location makes no difference, we are all connected energetically...)

** In long standing ADD a few more sessions may be required, but I feel that 6 sessions will go a long way to helping most people.

Afterwards, I will advise on supplements or foods the body needs to keep the brain healthy, and anything specific to you or your child. 


Brand new programme

 at a very special price -

Attention Deficit Disorder Healing 

 just US $250 US  

(reg $45 per session)


 *Treatment for DEMENTIA will be slightly different, but same time frame, etc.

Please visit the previous page, 'Energy Healing' to see what other work I have been doing with distant healing, then go to 'Life Readings' and 'Book a Session' to get started.

**I will ask you to keep a careful record of the person's condition at start of treatment, and as we go along. Thanks!

Any queries, feel free to get in touch - 'Contact Me' link.

I look forward to working with you, or a loved one.... And to adding the positive changes you/they experience, to this page!