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 Please email me if you have any queries before starting.  And if you are ready to book a session with me, great!  Please read the entire page, before diving in... Thx.

If you are in Canada, you can send payment to me via etransfer - just use my email address and code word 'Reading' or 'Healing' as appropriate.

Or, via Paypal. Click on the Buy Now button below. In the Paypal info box, please provide:


  1. Which Reading you would like -
  2. Consent for me to visit your Akashic Records. 
  3. Full name at birth.
  4. Current full name.
  5. Date of birth
  6. Place of birth – town or city and country.
  • For Relationship Reading, please provide the above for both partners.
  • For Property Reading & Clearing, I just need the address, and confirmation that you are the owner, or occupant.
  • Spirit Guides Reading - I just need info from 3,4,5,6. I do not visit the Akashic Records for this information.
  • Energy Healings - Pls send me a photo of yourself, or the person to be healed, plus pertinent info, including health problem and duration.  
  • Alzheimer's Healings- Pls send me a photo of the person, how long they have exhibited symptoms, and whether early or advanced Alzheimer's or Dementia. It is important to track changes, so please take careful note of their condition at start of treatment, what they can and can't do, and send that to me, so we can track progress.  

 GIFT BOOKING? Just get the above info for the lucky person/s receiving this gift, and advise me that you are paying for it. 




 If you run out of space on the info box on Paypal, just email the info to me and I will confirm receipt.  Please note: The Paypal transaction will be for Lynda (my 'other' name!) Bryant.

 Once I receive notification I will email you to confirm your order and let you know how soon I will do your reading - usually within the week.

 Then I will do the Reading and compile a report for you, which will be between 3 and 6 pages, (depending upon the Reading) and send to you via email.

 Life Reading 3 & 4 – as these include uncovering and clearing blockages, the session will also include a half hour email session to answer any queries you may have, and get you started on the 21-day homework to ground and complete the clearing.

 Property Reading & Clearing - After the Reading & Clearing is complete, I will put together a report of my findings and email it to you, and confirm that the energy has now been cleared in and around the property. Also, how long it will be before the energy shifts completely – usually 1 day to a week, depending upon the age of the building, etc.

 Afterwards – do feel free to email me with any feedback, or one or two queries… Happy to respond.