ENERGY HEALING


Along with past life readings and clearing energies that are blocking people in various areas of their lives, I now offer energy healing - both in person and distant.

As with the Readings, where you live makes no difference! Energy goes wherever it is directed - whether across a room or around the globe...

Everything that happens to us leaves an energy imprint in our bodies, in our very cells. Our DNA especially, carries past history, and definitely affects not only how we age, physical weakensses, and our emotions, but also our overall state of health.

Many severe or long standing health problems are directly connected to energies locked in the body, from past traumatic events -either this life, or past lives.

Even conditions that are 'genetic' are still linked to a trigger - often an emotional event or decision made at some point that created an environment in the body for imbalance/pain/disease to manifest.

So far I have worked with: severe burnspain of various kinds, injuries that don't heal, depression and Alzheimer's prevention.

I am particularly interested in working with those with early Dementia or Alzheimer's, as I believe I can be of help in halting these terrible diseases.

I also work with  chronic illness of all types.

Also, extreme phobias, panic attacks, anxiety - in some instances, a new positive 'programme' will be downloaded into the DNA, if needed.



HEALING PACKAGE           US $125    $ Cdn $140

This includes a Health Reading, and 3 distant healing sessions. 

I channel information from early or past lives that allowed the condition to manifest, then do a special ritual to release any blockages or negative energies. 

Then I do three 30-minute healings, over 3 weeks. 

In the first session  I scan the energy field to assess problem areas, then send waves of relaxation to open the body to receiving... Then 25 minutes of healing energy. This gives the person time to feel comfortable with the process.

Sessions 2 and 3 will be a brief scan, then healing energy sent. In some instances I will also communicate with the DNA.  

The energy being sent is focussed and powerful.

We will set up specific days and times for the healings and I will email you after each one, with any additional information or impressions received while working on you.

Everyone is different in how their bodies respond to energy, for various reasons; some will be aware fairly quickly that I am sending energy to their body,  experiencing warmth, tingling, or even colours. Others may not notice much until the 2nd or 3rd session. (No right or wrong here!)

**Please note, longer standing problems may take longer to heal completely. Each person's needs are quite individual, according to their condition, how long held and any 'programmes' held within the energy body...

Also, healing will occur as quickly as each person allows, and is comfortable with...

Some of us hold the belief that healing takes time, others believe it is possible to heal quickly. Either way, this will be reflected in how quickly the body responds.  

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I AM NOW WORKING WITH CLIENTS WITH Attention Deficit Disorder. Click on Alzheimers page for info. (Glitch on heading!) 



 Long standing pain I had in my neck is now gone, since Joti did a very simple healing on that area last year.

And she has been sending energy to both myself and my husband, to our brains, to prevent Alzheimer’s, as we both have this in our families...                                     It feels like I have new areas of the brain opening up. I can feel when she is sending energy to me. I often experience energy around one side of my face and eye, and colours, usually at the top of my head.

My husband just reported a side benefit - he feels far less negative each day, than when Joti started working on us.

Linda M - Victoria, BC


I have known Joti for 6 years and over the years I have become aware of her interest in human energies. This has developed into energy clearing and life readings. Just recently, while visiting with her and hearing about some of her latest work, I asked if she had ever worked with clients with depression. Our son deals with moderate depression which sometimes becomes severe enough to be debilitating. He has had medical testing to rule out growths but is not on any medications. I asked Joti if she thought she might be able to do a reading and possibly help him.

With my permission, she did do a reading and found some interesting things and has done some daily energy exercises on him. I was very interested to see that over the Christmas holidays, (when family times are sometimes particularly tough on him), his emotional state was on a much more even keel. The mood swings seem to be less and I am encouraged that Joti’s sessions are helping to clear his energy channels. We are keeping a watch to see how things go but we are pleased with what we are seeing so far. The time frame, so far, is just about 6 weeks. I might add that Joti has done all these sessions without my son’s knowledge but, as mentioned with my permission.

MJ – Victoria, BC


To get in a receiving mode, I lay on the bed for 5 minutes.  As I opened myself to your energy, I saw a very soft green light, which suddenly went muddy. My arms felt as tho they had weights on them, holding them from the elbow down hard against the bed. I stayed with that, accepting the feeling, then golden orange replaced the muddy brown.. I lay back and relaxed.

I felt pressure and heat in lower back and pelvis near the hips. Golden orange quickly turned to pale pale pink. Like looking at solar flares...a constant swirling motion of palest pink, with streaks of magenta every so often, white, then pale mint green interspersing. I have never had those soft colours come to me. 

Second session, a lot of heaviness in my chest which seemed to open up. Cool! Wow, yes, during this session, my breathing was shallow and noisy. Then a sensation of my chest being gently compressed repeatedly. After 5 minutes I noticed my breathing was normal… Neat! That is quite amazing, isn’t it?!

I felt great afterwards…

Susan R, Victoria, BC


 In the summer of 2010 when getting off a train with luggage I fell between the train and the platform seriously injuring my right leg. Consequently I suffered from inflammation in my knee and ankle with intermittent pain.

I contacted Joti in 2012 and asked if she could do some distance healing from Canada as I live in Madrid, Spain. Within a matter of weeks the pain ceased and the inflammation started to reduce. Today I have no pain and there is only a very small swelling where there is probably some residual tendon damage. I am extremely grateful to Joti for her healing and have no hesitation in recommending her. She works with both the physical and emotional aspects of the body which are closely linked.

 Margaret F - Madrid, Spain


(Ankle sprained few months ago & not healing)

- A 10-min distant healing session

Thank you so very much, my foot feels really good right now. I felt a lot of tingling and sensations and a drawing out (kind of like a vacuum) and I felt very relaxed and embraced with warm energy. I will keep you posted! (4 weeks later, and still good!)

In gratitude,

Marilyn D - Victoria, BC