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A random Internet search on “life readings” led me to Joti. I had not heard of her before – nor searched on life readings but her ability to provide Spirit Guide Readings caught my attention: my guides have been very active in my life and so an opportunity to satisfy my desire to know who they are, why they come through so strongly and why we’re on this journey together. Just the start of our two-week adventure that went from Spirit Guide readings and two Property Readings & Clearings to a Life Reading.


Spirit Guide Readings

 A journey that would see my guides bustling with enthusiasm to come through even before Joti was due to start her readings (I think they like her!), at times signals to me the day before, then to see them emerge through their contact with Joti with such vibrance – quite something to behold! Interesting to see the precision with which the information came through and how the purpose of each guide exactly mirrors what only I knew to be the main preoccupations of my spiritual and general development. Now I look forward to developing a deeper, more communicative and useful relationship with my guides, so this has served me well!


Property Readings & Clearings

 Two Readings became three: not intended but after my current property was cleared, Joti was taken to an abandoned property of a strikingly similar address to my former home in a different part of the country where the Earthbound Spirit of a child who suffered an accidental death over a 100 years ago had failed to transition. I’m certain this was no ‘mistake’ but meant to be and that she had been called upon to intercede.

 While I acquired both my properties because I felt personally drawn to them, I felt for the two years I have occupied my current property that there was an unspoken request to help it to ‘heal’, that something was wanting. And so for these three properties, altogether, two human Earthbound Spirits and one animal Earthbound Spirit were removed, along with stuck emotional programmes of lethargy, confusion, anger.

And anger spears that predated my occupation but still being directed at the adorable house I once called home…which became the staging ground for my daughters’ mini civil war! Both disturbing and intriguing to see how that negative energy had affected my daughters, both of whom are sensitive but susceptible to varying degrees, who previously had quite a lot of love for each other. I look forward now to seeing how they will evolve henceforth. I also now know that any property my older daughter in particular will occupy will first need to be cleared, her being the more susceptible of the two.


Life Reading

I approached life readings in terms of motivation for looking at records of the past and what that information would usefully serve. Not a desire for a nostalgic trip down memory lane but my desire to better understand and be certain of my life purpose: this I thought I might achieve by merging information from my spirit guides with the description of my soul group that Joti could provide.

Not only did information on my soul group and primary energy centre provide that reassurance and a framework for going forward but two past lifetimes that emerged from my Akashic Records showed both the qualities I might want to maintain and utilize to continue to be a force for positive change in the lives of others, also attitudes I might want to recapture to assimilate better into this material life. One of those lifetimes centered around guiding others towards self-empowerment, quite instructive, and a reaffirmation of my relationship with my older daughter.

 Joti also brought back information on my soul vibration which serves as a useful indicator on my spiritual journey.

 Throughout, I found Joti very open and easy to engage with. She has been very attentive and responsive and provided information which just seems to be hanging there in the ether that has given context to my current circumstances, all being completely outside of but relevant to the work assigned. I look forward very much to working with her again in the very near future.

 GM, France.   July, 2017



An interesting note in your reading was your reference to my previous monastic life. This information has come to me before, and I have been aware of the pull to embrace aspects of that life - contemplation, meditation, silence, service.

 Thank you for your follow up notes. They will be very helpful.

I completed the clearing on Friday.

Day 21 punctuated twenty days of dramatic shifts in my well being and relationships. It was an emotionally painful time of truth and letting go. Also, a time of deepening.

 Both from your reading and the life lessons learned from my 21 days of transformation, I am forming a wonderful list of daily meditations to encourage an empowered, balanced, creative and connected life.

Thank you.


Elizabeth, Victoria, Canada.   July, 2017



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